About Momen Zakaria

I’m a UX Designer and Front-end developer with 7+ years experience in the field of information technology. I have a strong eye for pixel perfect design associated with practical knowledge of web design theory and user experience design processes.

I graduated with a degree in Chemistry and Physics, but my passion for Web design led me to pursue a professional career as a UX designer and front-end developer. As a UI Designer at GULFSIP telecommunication company, my first project was to build a CSS architecture for an updated version of the website. The success of this project led to my promotion to design team leader.
I began to focus on UX design, implementing proactive user-centric design principles in GULFSIP & ALOO mobile applications for Android & iPhone.

After a successful experience with Udacity Front-End nanodegree, I started to build a fully functionally project using Javascript, Angular, React and some other tools and frameworks.

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Produce interactive designs that drive innovation for your website, meet user and business objectives. Clean markup and coding layers, implement new techniques in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.


Design mobile applications that meet and cover all available devices, Understand the details & Analyze your audience Design for iPhone, iPad and Android. ” A mobile app is not a website ”


Turn a set of written requirements and wireframes into fully functional Responsive layouts and mobile applications. Practice user-centered design principles.

Ynmo Portal


Web Development
Lucidya a way to analyze Twitter data


Web Development
Manasikana Home Screen


Mobile Application Design / User Experience
Hashtails Twitter insights - twitter trends


Web Design / Web Development
Mobile Application Filter By Type

Judges Club

Mobile Application Design / User Experience
Jobzella Mobile Application

Jobzella – Job Engine

Mobile Application Design / User Experience
Mundial Misr Soccer Website - Cover

Mundial Misr

Web Design / Web Development
Dafater - Wireframes


User Experience / Web Design / Wordpress
Redesign Kooora - Next match countdown

Redesign Kooora.com

User Experience / Web Development
Omani Ministry of Environment Mobile Application - Menu

Ministry of Environment – Oman

Mobile Application Design / User Experience
Mashweer Mobile Application


Mobile Application Design / User Experience

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