Momen Zakaria

An Egyptian based UX designer & front-end developer

UI Designer says : ” You design for a user ” & UX Designer says : ” You are a User ! “

Momen Zakaria is an Egyptian based UX designer & front-end developer with +7 years experience in the field of information technology , 4+ years of Front End UI development experience,Have a strong eye for pixel perfect design associated with web design theory and user experience design process.
Mr. Momen is currently work as Senior UI Developer / UX Designer at GULFSIP Telecommunication.
His background includes development as a web designing, front end development, in the field of telecommunications and cloud services.
Self learning is the most remarkable sign in his life, You can check both Experience & Online Portfolio to find how much it make sense .. Thanks to Deke Mcclelland & Lynda :).
Read full bio and work experience in Momen Zakaria – UX designer in LinkedIn

What i Can Do ?

Web Design

Web Designer in Egypt

I design & develop for web

Produce interactive designs that drive innovation for your website, meet user and business objectives.
Clean markup and coding layers, implement new techniques in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery.

Mobile Application

Mobile User Interface Designer in Egypt

Mobile User Interface Designer

Design mobile applications that meet and cover all available devices, Understand the details & Analyze your audience
Design for iPhone, iPad and Android.
” A mobile app is not a website ”

UX Consultancy

UX Designer in Egypt

UX Designer / Informative

Turn a set of written requirements and wireframes into fully functional Responsive layouts and mobile applications.
Practice user-centered design principles.


ALOO Mobile Application
GULFSIP Mobile Application
Jobzy Mobile Application
Location Based Website
TweetMogaz Logo
Real Estate Logo
Sports Website
Tadbori Logo
Erki Business Solutions
EgyGeeks Branding
Dafater Wireframes
Nady El-Qodah Mobile App.

Hire Me

  : +966-541038620
  : mO2men.Bellah

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